Polytron Devices’ Unveils new 700-Watt AC-DC Power Supply for Medical Devices

NORTHVALE, New Jersey, USA – New Yorker Electronics has announced its release of the new Polytron Devices PFMUIC700 Series of AC-DC power supplies designed for medical applications. Polytron Devices, a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom DC-DC converters, switching power supplies and linear power modules, has introduced a 700W series of 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V and 48V power supplies.

The Polytron PFMUIC700 series features an ultra-compact size of 6.7 x 3.66 x 1.61in (170.2 x 93.0 x 41.0mm) in a fully enclosed plastic case. It is also designed with a remote on/off function for optimal safety. The Polytron Power Unit is credited with high efficiency to 92-percent and a 5V@1A standby. Built-in safeguards include short circuit, overload and over voltage protection; vibration and shock levels are IEC60068 compliant.

Capacitive load ranges are between 1,250µF and 5,000µF and its typical ripple/noise is rated between 160mV and 480mV. The PFMUIC700 AC-DC power supplies also deliver a low leakage current under 0.1 mA max, a 4000VAC (or 5656VDC) input to output and an operating temperature range from -30°C to +70°C.

With an operating altitude of 5000M, this new 70-watt series also meets the following safety standards: UL, IEC, EN 62368, EN 60601 3.1rd Edition, EMC Conducted and Radiated EMI EN55032, EN55011 (conducted class B, Radiated Class A), EMS EN55024 and EN60601-1-2 4th edition.

Features & Benefits:

Enclosed Medical Switching Power Supply
Remote ON/OFF Function
Standby 5V@1A
High Efficiency up to 92%
With P.F.C. Function >0.9
Current Share Function

Medical Equipment
Portable Devices
The new PFMUICU700 cones with a three-year product warranty through New Yorker Electronics. Polytron Devices’ production practices meet ISO 9001 quality standards and its products comply with international safety standards. All products are also qualified according to medical (IEC 60601-1), railway (EN50155, EN45545-2) and IT (60950-1/62368-1) requirements. Its products are also used in Military, Industrial, Energy, Telecommunications, Audio Equipment and many other applications.

New Yorker Electronics supplies Polytron Devices DC-DC Converters, Switching Power Modules and Linear Encapsulated Power Modules.

How to Make a Poker Game App For Android and iOS in India?

The question that pops up in any investor’s mind at the initial business level is – What would be the approximate budget involved in creating a poker game app? & What are factors to be kept in mind while getting a poker game app developed?

You can’t possibly estimate the exact cost at once because it completely depends on the client’s needs. But to make the process easy, we are mentioning the factors essential for the poker game app development and those that influence the cost to develop a poker mobile game app. By considering these factors, you can get the right mobile game developed.

Essential factors to be considered in Online Poker Game App Development: 1. Easy To Download And Install

Nobody likes a game with a complex installation process. Hence a game application with an easy installation procedure is recommended.

2. Compatibility with a wide range of devices

Players should enjoy their favourite poker game app from anywhere and anytime in a hassle-free manner. For this, the online poker software compatibility with a wide range of platforms is a must.

3. Accessibility and ease of usage

The accessibility and instructions provided internally would keep gamers engaged, and such applications would be preferable for a longer period.

4. Exciting Game Challenges & Enhancements

Players can give and take exciting game challenges to each other in the poker game software for boosting up their competitive spirit.

5. Multiplayer functionality

Involving friends in their favourite game is something players look for, so providing such features would attract more players for never-ending fun.

6. Multilinguality

The multilingual feature in the poker game app will help engage the players from various geographic locations.

7. Social Media Integration

Social media integration in the poker software will enable players to share their gaming achievements, including winning outcomes, highest scoring, etc., on social media platforms.

8. Referral Bonus

The poker game platform should include referral bonuses. The players referring your gaming application to other players and engaging them to the platform will get awarded referral bonuses.

9. Jurisdictional and Legal Compliances

The poker software must follow all the required legal and jurisdictional compliances depending on the country of operation.

10. Ease of in-app purchase supported with a secure payment gateway

In-app purchases would help the user to stay engaged with the challenges and generate revenue for the host. The lack of trust in the payment gateway might raise questions on credibility, so it is recommended to make decisions very precisely.

11. Availability of support

The players’ confusion needs to be addressed with constant support via a dedicated team to avoid gamers from switching to other applications.

Factors that influence the costs of Online Poker Game App Development 1. Choice of Mobile OS:

Commonly the choice made is between Android or iOS. The platform that is chosen heavily affects overall development expenses. For example, Apple devices’ payment integration and administration systems are 10-20% costlier than those for Android devices. On the other hand, Android poker game app development costs a little extra if you want your game to be compatible with previously launched OS versions. If you opt for a hybrid model, then you would probably face cost disadvantages from both platforms.

2. Pre-development Expenses:

It would be helpful if you have a rough idea of the poker game app or a well-documented plan, as it can work as a factor to decide the success or failure of the game in the long run. Strategizing your game’s story, levels, characters, etc., is an important step in game development. Depending on the complexity of your idea, you might need to hire experienced game designers and strategists to guide the entire development initiative.

3. Game Design:

The initial planning stage where the levels, target users, game environment etc., are documented. Without a planned game design, it will get complicated to control and manage poker game development, and the product may involve numerous glitches and inconsistencies.

4. Post-Development expenses

Marketing: Making a game viral and challenging the players is an essential part of marketing. Investing in advertising and social media influencing will also be included in the marketing expenses.
Testing: Technical glitches & errors while playing the game could be addressed and resolved during the testing. It would help to keep users engaged and ultimately makes the game popular.
Final Thought

So, we could conclusively figure out the factors affecting the cost of online poker software development and the points an investor or host must keep in mind before getting the game developed. As this craze of online games and especially poker isn’t going to end any time soon, investors could safely invest their money for better returns. Mobzway can help you in developing such games for your business growth.

Top 5 Features Making Angular a Preferred Choice for Web Development

Developed by Google in 2009 and launched the following year, Angular JS is the most loved front-end JavaScript framework after jQuery. With its launch, it became a full-fledged front-end framework that helped developers write easy-to-use, readable, and maintainable code for single page web applications. With the increasing demand for angular development services, many software development firms established them in the market to offer Angular development and other software development services to their clients.

When choosing a software development firm, one needs to check out all crucial aspects and factors to make the right choice.

Here is a checklist of some compelling reasons behind selecting Angular for web development:

Google Support
As Google invented Angular, it allows developers to use the web toolkits and comprehensive support by Google. Besides periodic improvements and releases from Angular 2 to the latest version- Angular 12, many new features have been incorporated that make it the most powerful tool.
Modular Structure and Lazy Loading
Angular frameworks come with modular structures that allow developers to segregate various apps’ functionalities into exclusive features and reusable chunks of codes. This makes it easier to divide the complete coding tasks into various Angular developers. The modular structure facilitates lazy loading of the web apps that means users can view and use different features as soon as they reach the viewpoints.
Declarative User Interface
Angular web development allows developers to use HTML rather than complex JavaScript to define the user interface of their web applications. Declarative and intuitive properties save the time of developers as they needn’t create program flows manually. Developers can define page layout and where the data goes and all the components for the desired outcome will be automatically uploaded.
Command Line Interface
One of the most loved features and advantages of Angular is its CLI or Command Line Interface that allows for automation of various tasks like app initialization and app configuration. With the Angular CLI, you can easily add or remove some functionalities and create new projects, run unit or end-to-end tests that simplifies the whole process and helps in easier maintenance of Angular applications.
Ivy Renderer
A renderer translates codes written in TypeScript and HTML into JavaScript instructions that browsers can understand and display. The USP of Ivy Renderer is its tree-shaking property in which it detects and removes the unused chunks of code when the components are at the rendering stage. Besides this, Ivy Renderer has a compiler ahead of its time, making the Angular frameworks lighter, easier to use, and fast loading.
TypeScript used for writing codes in Angular allows them to spot and rectify errors as they are writing. It minimizes the chance of any errors. Besides this, it features backward compatibility that means developers can add functionalities in the coding framework using the latest ECMA script or ES5.
With a large ecosystem of Angular resources, increasing community support, features like Angular Universal and Angular Material, Angular 12 is the most preferred choice for angular development services required for enterprise applications or even dynamic single-page applications.

Video Chat App Development

Build custom text, voice, and video messaging apps for all types of businesses. Our solutions are customizable, scalable, and feature third-party integrations and secure data transfer.

What does it mean to build a modern text, voice, and chat application with Steelkiwi?

Security and compliance
When building a messaging app, data security should always be a top priority. That’s why we build video chat apps with high-end encryption and follow software security best practices to keep your sensitive content and conversations secure, safe, and 100% private.

Cloud synchronization
We host all data on cloud servers to enhance the accessibility and scalability of your instant messaging mobile app.

Full customization
Our live video chat app solution are fully customizable and can integrate with almost any third-party software so you can tailor them to your needs.

Lightweight application
We use modern technologies to create lightweight, highly testable, and easily maintainable chat applications.

Multilingual approach and automatic translation
With Steelkiwi, you can get a video chat application that supports different languages and features real-time translation.

Get a consultation from video chat app development company